The night issues


This picture was as well taken in Düsseldorf. looks nice, doesn’t it? I am not fully satisfied though… dislike the way my camera works in darkness. With normally working settings according to exposure and aperture, the normal ISO and all the other settings, that normally made nice looking pictures, my camera is no longer working. The pictures get grainy as this one is and its very hard to make up an image with this effects…

I have no idea on how to fix it or what it actually is but however: I like this picture anyways.


13 thoughts on “The night issues

  1. I love the grainy quality of this picture. It suits the mood and the drama. Pictures don’t always have to be “nice looking” and this one is so great because it isn’t perfect. It tells a story of light, darkness, atmosphere, balance and mystery. Gorgeous and memorable – bravo! 🙂

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    • Oh thank you- that is really cute 🙂
      In this one the graininess works out with the motive- as you said it makes some drama but it’s the same in general… If I wanted to display people of colour in portrait during the trip and their skin colour isn’t displayed well, you do not see it while checking the picture on the camera but it’s impossible to ignore on the laptop which makes reworking quite an issue…
      Tried a few colour studies to find out how far the colours are displayed and well… I don’t have dark and subtle blacks anymore- just a grainy mass of pixels…
      But anyways… Maybe you will just get more monochromes to see- it is not that obvious in them 😉

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