Umbrella portraits

I am going to mix things up a little from now on. I think you folks don’t want to wait for the rest of the pictures until I am done with those from Düsseldorf (they would take me about three weeks) so I will mainly post the Caribbean ones but around two from Düsseldorf every week. it is a lot easier…

So- as I am currently a lot into portraiture I took some in Düsseldorf as well. As it rained a little when I was there Lisa and I thought about buying some umbrella before going into the city to eat something. Every available one was… PINK. The neon and screaming kind of pink. We backed away, deciding not to buy such a monster and went away to eat something. But when we came back it rained even more. The single raindrops were not distinguishable and we got really soaked… And bought that gruesome umbrella… (It stayed at her place so i am not forced to carry it around 😉 )

But as we were at the Medienhafen this thing suddenly made sense… As she looked into the river, leaning a little forward I took this picture…


She looks so happy and beautiful… I really like this picture though she doesn’t- but with her its the same as with me: If she’s on that picture it’s close to impossible to please her- she won’t ever think a picture of her is beautiful… But remember darling: you are gorgeous, fabulously beautiful and overall a wonderful person :*


6 thoughts on “Umbrella portraits

    • Thanks a lot ☺️ yes, flashy pink umbrellas are a very special thing… And who buys them- I mean seriously 😂
      But yes- with Lisa and all her black clothing and this stuff it makes a nice contrast 😉 so finally it was somehow worth it but well…


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