Carribbean portraits (1 of 10)

As on every vacation I’ve set myself a goal this time. I wanted to improve in Portraits and bring some back to Germany. Classic portraits, some special ones but overall the pictures should feature people.
As the shots get somehow grainy when being in color – my image sensor is close to death and even heavy reworking is sometimes not improving the picture – i decided to do this series in monochrome.

But anyways, have a look, you’ll know what I mean when talking about unique moments…


As I was in Barbados, which was the last stop on the line, a band played at the pier all day long- from 7a.m. when we arrived, to 5p,m, when we left. They have not moved one inch and the sun was burning, it was hot as hell but they just played on as if nothing happened…
I wanted to picture them as they played their wonderful music and made people smile. As I pointed the camera I found the drummer looking at me. First amused, then smiliing and then with pride. pure pride. I switched sides so the shot was easier to take. The drummer grew even larger… It was so heartwarming to see this pride, confidence and pure skill… I hope I was able to capture this moment…


4 thoughts on “Carribbean portraits (1 of 10)

  1. Great shot.
    You have managed to capture his pride. His small smile and his head held high show that. I really like that he stands out so much in this photo. His face was the first thing I noticed, and the drums after. I also quite like the sign behind his head that gives him a sort of aureole 🙂

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    • Thank you 😉 I had literally no time to think about what to do… It was something of a try out- because he didn’t react as I had expected (total ignorance was very common 😉 ) and I am myself really proud of how this turned out 😉
      But I hadn’t noticed the aureole yet 😉


  2. Beautiful. I love Carribean faces ♡ Ahhhh, ich kann dir ja auch auf Deutsch schreiben. Tolles Foto. Neidisch bin ich auf dieses Reiseziel. Ich war schon auf Kuba und in der Dominikanischen Rep., aber Barbados muss auch wunderschön sein. Mit vielen bunten Farben und so… Hach!
    ♡ Ella

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    • Dankeschön und ja Deutsch geht auch 😉 oh ja, Barbados ist wunderschön – wenn du mal ein wenig mehr von der Karibik sehen möchtest empfehle ich Antigua, Barbados und Puerto Rico – wahrscheinlich kann man die drei über inselhopping miteinander verbinden 🙂 aber Barbados ist immer schön 🙂


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