The zoo

I think nearly everyone remembers these weekends. As a little one, with the family, all this animals, the huge elephants, the apes… Glancing into the cages, barely recognizing the world around, barely breathing when the ‘oh mummy its so cuteeeee!’- lion growls and comes closer in excitement- but not the sort of excitement you’d wish at a birthday party… More the hannibal lecter type 😉

But let’s not think about our invitations for dinner and get back to the zoo. As I was there the last time 10 years ago (that fits…) and were unable to even picture my toes without having fingers in the way, none of those pictures was usable… It was just… grr… Waste of film 😀

Whatever. I was at the zoo one weekend. Just the ticket queue made me rethink that.

‘Mummy mummy I want the tigers!!! I’ll never talk to you again if i don’t get the tigers!!!!’,
‘Mummy, my brother is a dumb son of a bitch, why did we take him here? Get him adopted!’,
‘I hate all this.’,
‘The zoo is booooooooring! I WANT the sea life!!!’

All kinds of shitty people spent their time at the zoo that day.
Screaming children, fighting brothers, ignorant parents. Welcome to hell…

But lets face it: its the zoo. I was there for photography, not for people.

And in the end, AFTER considering that, the day was still wonderful… I got what I wanted (which sounds pretty weird, let’s face it) and the pictures I brought back are few but wonderful…



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