The different one- A love letter to a friend of mine


This is Amelie. You have already seen her in a bunch of posts. Monday, a few months ago, earlier this year… She was my partner at science fair for three years. We went to statern competitions together, know each other at best and worst cases (I woke her up at 4 a.m. fully convinced that the alarm clock was ringing, we were late and would miss our presentation. Then we found out it was 4 a.m.. We went back to bed, somehow cringing with laughter)…

She is amazing. I love the way she laughs, talks and questions everything. She asks stuff I would never think about. Seriously. Never.

As I waited for her at the Berlin ZOB (central bus station) I thought about what to do with her. I looked around, saw people hugging, crying, parting and reuniting. There was noise and dirt and emotionality all around and I stood there, unable to take pictures, because I was just waiting for her to arrive and had not brought my camera…
As she was there I realized, how dirty and gritty everything was. You get used to it, when being in Berlin for longer times and the ZOB is definitely… special… But with her and her special attitude things where somehow different.

On our way home I nearly lost her. We were running to the bus stop- because the berlin ‘Ringbahn’ is only operating in one way and this was the only possibility to get home- and she was behind me. I was hasting into the bus, told her to pay a single ticket and turned around as the doors were closing. She was still standing outside, searching for her purse. I totally freaked out. ‘Open he doors, again please.’ ‘Why?!’ ‘She has to come with us! Open the doors! Her mum is killing both of us if you don’t.’

The driver muttered something under his breath, opened the door and Amelie got in. She didn’t even notice and talked on about how amazing it was to be in Berlin and how happy she was and all this stuff…

I watched her every minute from then on. Told her three times how to get in the tube, how to get home to my dorm, where to take a taxi, when she is lost and so on and so  on. It was somehow funny (and I bet she found it slightly annoying after the first two times 😉 ).

She was the one asking me three times whether we were on the right tube, where we were going, what we were going to do… all of this…
We visited the holocaust mahnmal, a field of concrete blocks- remembering me of headstones- where you can take some amazing shots…

This one was taken while she was trying out a bit. She took some shots and looked at the display… As she recognized, I was taking pictures she tried to put on an attitude, be stronger, more beautiful- the pictures don’t look that good- because that’s not who she is. To me she resembles all this quiet beauty, the young, slightly innocent smile with that daring, dry sarcastic humor… She is just amazing.


13 thoughts on “The different one- A love letter to a friend of mine

  1. I love the way you tell stories. For a moment, I wasn’t in my life anymore, I was there looking at your friend the way you see her – every nuance that you described. Additionally, you quickly draw the reader in which is admirable. You truly have a talent.

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