Living in Berlin


Berlin was always a rather familiar city to me. I know my way around the city- the public transport is quite easy to use, the people are kind and most are as sarcastic as I am- which makes communication a lot easier 😉

I love the city… But living there is a different thing. The internship in Berlin was the first time for me to live away from he for more than two weeks so I was reasonably worried… As the way back from London was a huge mess (just don’t ask 😂) I arrived in Berlin at 2a.m, after 36 hours of being on the move. I was miserable and cynical as the lady from the internships company phones to tell me, that they missed to send the contracts, had lost a bunch of papers I sent in and would need me to come around to sign stuff and hand in personal data I had already sent in with document which where at home- 4h by train away… What a nice start…

As the weeks passed Berlin got my home. I lived in Potsdam, a city near Berlin (NOT a part of Berlin- I was asked several times whether it was near Kreuzberg. No, it isn’t. Who told that?!) in a dormitory of the university (ugly as hell but come on- 6 weeks.)

But even as I was there do quite a while I missed home- at first… Between illegal barbecues in front of our flats (everyone did that), cooking with my flat mates and work the only thing missing where the friends from home…

Amelie visited me one weekend- the picture above is her taking pictures in the Holocaust memorial… She had never been in Berlin before and I showed her a bit of the city (at least what’s possible in two days…) It was amazing to be there with her. She is sooooo cute 😉 In case you don’t know her blog yet- just click here… She takes a whole deferent kind of pictures than I do but I expect there will be things from Berlin soon as well 😉

There is less from Berlin than from London on my memory card, a bunch of pictures from the zoo, with an explanation why i hate the zoo and a love letter to all the reasonably strict parents out there- your children made my day. A few pictures with the christen ball, a bit of Amelie… I don’t know which ones will be shown to you but there are at least 3-4 weeks full of amazing stuff to look forward to! Enjoy.


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