Looking Back


I saved this one for the last london post – I know my dearie, you feel great (and a bit weird) about being the most featured person on here so: greetings to chile- love ya (as always, you know ;* )…

Looking back, london was awesome. I love the city, the people, the freedom- the boys (we lived with via airbnb) and everything… I am so grateful for being able to travel that much, fr having a job which allows me to travel, of having the freedom to do so… I am proud of every picture I posted- it were literally 7 weeks since I came back – 7 weeks full of london and now Berlin is coming- maybe i am back in present until christmas- i have no ides 😉 The caribbean is coming nearer… But no matter what…

I still miss London. I am planning to go there with my mum during christmas. I love london- maybe the boys have some vacancies- anyways I’ll try to meet them when I am there- because they are awesome… if i am there… If… If only… Things are wonderful in bigger cities, especially London… I tried to do a lot of portrait in london. It was never a problem. If I wanted to picture somebody, it was never an issue, if i wanted to do something, see something or ask something- it was NEVER a problem. People are so kind. So lovely, helping and warm. London is just plainly wonderful. I hope i was able to show you that. To take you with me to that place, to make you feel the ‘awesomeness’ of london.

Next stop Berlin. Hope you enjoy…


5 thoughts on “Looking Back

  1. Dear blogger,
    I dediced to nominate you for the Award.
    I try to translate the question:
    1. What is your first thought monday morning?
    2. Which TV- Show can explain your life?
    3. What will happen after death?
    4. How much will you pay for a vibrator?
    5. Where und who was the best concert in your life?
    6. Hustler is asking for a porn- parodie of your life. What is the title?
    7. Do you have a feel- good- song, Youtube- Clip, Comic or something else?
    8. Middleage Market, SM- Club or naked at the beach. Where will you go with the cloting in your sleeping room?
    9. Is veggie- life ok?
    10. When do you post a photo in your blog?
    11. Could you immediatly spend 20 or 30 $?


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