Baker street

First of all: sorry for being so short with words and overall unorganized- at the moment i am spending 13 hours a day at the meadow and in the stables to give an old lady an enjoyable farewell… One of my families’ horses is fighting death now for almost one week and as she does she needs intensive care- wich I am trying to manage while gathering things for application at university… So- sorry…

But lets have a look at my picture. Anyways, this one is still from London (oh wonder) and was taken at baker street. Don’t you see it was?! 😉

This is seriously one of the 2 pictures which turned out well from baker street. The other one is featuring the tube station (literally the sign which tells us where we are… Weird…). All the pictures in front of 221B have either masses of people in them – walking through, blocking view, doing weird stuff or are terribly blurred for unknown reasons… Maybe some strange witchcraft, maybe it was sherlock himself- I truly have no idea.

This one was kind of a try out- I had no idea whether the shot would work out the way I hoped and just tried a bit… Well- the pictures which aren’t turned a bit ( this one would need some straightening but somehow this isn’t possible without making half of the picture vanish) look crappy in quality and lighting- so maybe just tilt your head a bit- then the horizon will be alright or just appreciate it the way it is now- like I do 😉



4 thoughts on “Baker street

    • I have no idea 😉 It was truly horrible- the queue grew always longer instead of shorter- we walked past, had lunch in a park nearby and when we came back the same person stood in the same places 😉


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