London Highlights

The pictures from london are slow racing their end – I’ve got a lot of Berlin to be posted- Amelie and I gambled around with light in the Holocaust memorial (but in a respectful way- none of us was inappropriate) and I actually visited the zoo… Although I normally dislike zoos… The people… The noise… The Animals looking mildly sad… However- I’ll post something later on…

So: This is the last week of London allover… There might be a few pictures coming on later, in midst of others but for the moment we’ll stick to Berlin…

_DSC5883 (1)_Fotor

As Carlotta and I wandered from covent Garden to a nearby underground station (I thing it was charing cross but i am totally unsure about that…)  we moved over some bridges, as this view opened up to us…


12 thoughts on “London Highlights

      • Thank you very much! 🙂 Yeah, I went there during my time in London and it’s really beautiful, but I didn’t find this great view. Next time, I’ll have to look for it. I’ll write it on my London To-Do List.

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      • We searched for a train station (and haven’t found temple or embankment but…) and this view opened up to us… It was wonderful! Just walk around there a bit- it’s all quite beautiful around convent garden 😉


      • The best way to discover London is wandering around and just let things happen. That’s how you can find the most amazing places like you did:) And Covent Garden is one of them!

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      • Oh yes- but as my friend and I had only one week it was all quite planned 😂
        We had a map on google with places we wanted to go and searched for good routes and all this… It was really crazy 😂 may upload a picture of my notebooks pages for London tomorrow- paired with one for the time in Berlin… The difference is HUGE 😂

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      • Okay, if you only have a few days in London, a plan to see the most interesting things is the best idea – that’s true. I look forward to see your pictures of both cities 🙂

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      • I am actually done with the london pictures already- there were so many that it took seven weeks to get them all onto the blog.
        Berlin will be a bit less… I hope 😉
        Yeah… I was in London already… Last year for a week. My friend wasn’t so i was guide and Photographer at the same time (we had these ‘OH MY GOD- Stay there, don’t move, don’t breathe- I have to picture that!’ moments from time to time- it was amazing with her 😉 )…
        Where did you stay during your time there?

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      • The same 😀 These ‘OH MY GOD’ moments are great – they are my favourite photography moments (but the worst-case scenario is: someone walks in the background through your picture! ;D)
        During the six weeks, I lived with a host-family in Streatham. It was the ideal place for planning routes through London and to travel to my language school / internship.

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      • Oh yes they are 😂 I warned her though it might get a little crazy when doing stuff with me but well… I got some photos around at Paul’s which are wonderfully lit, nicely composed and all in focus but some bloody idiot (looks like he is 12 or something like that) had the urge to show his middle finger… Spend 3 hours putting together pieces from other pictures to get him out of that shot- it looks fabulous even though but I struggle with the ‘why?!’ 😁😂
        Oh okay- we stayed in thamesmead (a bit behind Greenwich) at a couples place- we booked it via Airbnb and the boys were just great 😂
        Six weeks in London… Oh dear… That would be a real dream coming true thing for me…

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      • Taking pictures is most of the time a crazy hobby, because sometimes the perfect picture needs the craziest movements, but then, they’re just…WOW! 😀
        Oh nooo! That’s terrible! This happens if people have absolute no sense for photography. But what can you do? 😉
        Okay, I think that’s a good tip for my next trip to London (hopefully soon!).
        Yes, it was like a dream coming true. I planned it more than 4 months and during my first day I went to Trafalgar Square and I was over the moon. I could just smile and I thought by myself: Is this really real? But it was and it was the best journey I’ve ever made.

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      • The Crazy ones are always the best ones 😂
        Airbnb is wonderful when searching in London- the whole week was as much as one night at a hostel would have costed – which is shocking by the way…
        My trip was a great way to celebrate graduation (Abitur) – we planned it for a whole year as gift to ourselves… Can’t wait to go back to London… After two months at home 😂

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