Urban – MM 2.26


Leanne set urban as theme for this week of monochrome madness. A theme to play around with, als it is something that fits for almost any picture you can Imagine to take in a city – featuring people, architecture or tourism…  To me this picture expresses a lot about urban life- small spaces, an assemblage of houses and flats, making up a kind of special atmosphere, the streets in belgravia are somehow exemplifying this… Each of this houses on its own would have been somehow weird, looking wrong in a more down to earth, normal area but here it all fits, making up a neat street full of cleanliness and posh living…

I really like this area… The houses are somehow beautiful…

I could get lost in belgravia- no matter what chaos is around, how many bad news are running into my inbox, how many notifications on burning homes for asylum seekers bring me to the verge of rethinking on humankind and humanity- the pictures show a somehow ‘good’ life. A spot apart from all this trouble, where life is easy, black-and-White, people are fast to label and be labeled, everything seems to be alright… What a shiny facade is able to do… Amazing…

Sorry for this somehow melancholic view- I am a bit upset about all this hate back home… After 6 weeks of Berlin the dumbness and hostilities ‘back home’ bring me close to rage- 15 people should be put into a hotel which is out of usage for AGES- no one cared about it as long as I am able to think and now they are all complaining- because they’d lose a part of their social life- what do they actually do with that hotel?! Sit in front of the locked door to chat and drink the things they brought along? This is even for rural, laid back, dumb and ignorant townsmen a new level of stupidity- I am happier with every day to claim that I wasn’t born here- it makes some things more bearable…

Going to work in some ‘welcome’ thing – currently sitting out which one- maybe bringing along some pictures… 


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