Inside a crystal ball (part 2 of 3)


I had this ball nearly everywhere and truly regret, that I forgot to take pictures with it when doing all the sightseeing stuff here in Berlin with my dearie… Well… There is some time left and ill definitely try my best to get some new pictures out of berlin…

I had some issues with the tower: No matter how I positioned myself, I never got the whole thing sharp or in place or without a reflection of some sort…


8 thoughts on “Inside a crystal ball (part 2 of 3)

    • You just take a little glass ball and hold it in mid air- let someone hold it for the first try or fix it somewhere to ensure you may take your time to focus, switch to manual focus and try to get the reflection into focus- autofocus won’t work with this: the image is displayed in the ball’s centre, the focus would be fixed at the balls edge so…
      The rest is physics- the lights broken and the image is turned around by the glass… It’s just amazing ☺️
      I got mine via Amazon- ensure you take one meant for photography – the cheaper ones may have bubbles or other things that may blur the image…

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