Inside a crystal ball (Part 1 of 3)


I bought myself a small crystal ball. It has a diameter of about 50mm and is easy to transport in any kind of handbag (even the smallest I have)- it is not heavy or too big to carry it around all the time and the ideas i had on taking pictures with it were somehow wonderful…

There were somehow bewildered when I took my bag to the houses of parliaments- while x raying it the found an ‘unknown object’ and found it somehow strange to carry such stuff around- so: If you are likely to enter some place where they scan your belongings, leave it at home, they might object and confiscate…

Well, I like the outcome of my little experiments but its so damn hard to find the right point of focus, the right perspective and all this stuff… Move one centimeter and the picture turns out to be wrong, shake a bit and everything is terribly blurred… Even more than usually… It was really hard for me but maybe I am just too slow and uncomfortable with manual focusation… I will have to train that part…

However, this is the first one with the crystal ball, a few will follow…

I especially like, how you can see the London eye behind the glass as well. You know its there, you see the upside down image in the glass ball and the real version in the background…

Carlotta was wonderful at holding the glass steady and in the right height… You can set fire to things with such stuff and she was perfectly aware, that her handy might get a little hot when holding it for longer… She was brilliant 😉 (But somehow her answers are always sarcastic, when I tell her that- how comes?! 😉 )

I tzook a picture of all the main sights with that crystal ball, a few turned out to be nice so it might be time for another series- I think three parts, very likely less, there unlikely more…

Now enjoy 😉


4 thoughts on “Inside a crystal ball (Part 1 of 3)

  1. There is an alternative way of dealing with the security scanning problem. We could all get crystal balls and carry them around habitually and insistently.

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  2. Reblogged this on Annis Wonderland and commented:
    Hallo ihr da draußen! Diesen fantastischen Blogbeitrag habe ich gerade auf dem Blog von brightpigments gefunden. Ich muss unbedingt schauen, wo ich so eine Glaskugel finden kann, denn die Aufnahmen sind einzigartig und wirklich wunderschön. Probiert es aus und zeigt mir bitte, bitte, bitte eure Ergebnisse! 🙂

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