St Pauls


St. Pauls Cathedral is really iconic. We saw it long before we actually reached its place or even the area…

The cathedral itself is really worth a visit. The wispering gallery is impressive, the way up is really manageable- like it is a bit challenging but totally okay. So Carlotta was like ‘We are moving on’ – the main problem was the height of the stairs. The ones which lead to the whispering gallery are really flat, so you are not able to take normal steps and it feels really strange to walk them… But… Everyone can make it- there is even an elevator…

So we moved on to the stone gallery… That was a bit more challenging but- you don’t see that much up there… You stand behind a huge set of columns, and well… The view is not that exciting. So carlotta wanted to move on to the golden gallery… Having moved all the way up that five-hundred-and-something stairs… My knees were aching. Like really… But it was worth it there will be some pictures on friday or next week… They turned out to be wonderful.

So: if you are in London: visit the Cathedral, go there by bus or tube (we went there when the tube was on strike) and move up. The last set of stairs (from the stone to the golden gallery) is really easy to climb- it takes half the effort the other stairs demanded, you don’t have to watch out for uneven parts or varying heights… there are even benches if you need a rest so: just do it 😉

There are pictures of us, after we climbed all the way up- i think one photo will tell you more than a thousand words about how we felt and how much this was kind of an exercise 😉



2 thoughts on “St Pauls

    • We went into Westminster abbey as well – to the evensong – and I find both of them similarly impressive- each on its’ own way but…
      We had not that much time in Westminster abbey and saw not that much inside but when being honest, St. Paul’s is more beautiful to me… I like it better without being able to state why 😉


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