MM 2-23 Father and son

We were wandering around in Belgravia- a really beautiful part of london… I realized, i ad to go there, when I first saw an episode of the BBC’S sherlock featuring this part of the city. I fell in love with the white houses and the marbly stones… So i dragged carlotta behind me, going there (she wasn’t into that part of london at all 😉 )

As we were wandering around, a father and his son were walking past. They were holding hands, the young boy looking up to his father with respect, love and loyalty. It was heartwarming to see them together, walking side by side talking about the son’s day and really basic, banal stuff- it would be smalltalk anywhere else but both were so interested, and wanted to know about the others thoughts… The boy seemed really smart, though. He was talking with passion, describing his day as if he had killed some kind of dragon- and maybe he had- and sounded rather grown up than like the small boy he was…

Their relationship seemed so intense- as it should be between father and son but especially, here in Berlin, where i am staying for the next three weeks (i made it through 3 already) it is different. you here them shouting in the public transport- I went to the zoo to take some pictures (it was horrible but the pictures turned out t be nice) and heard them shout and discuss and fight.

Respect is no longer normal. Not even at this young age and i, being 17, grew up with different values so far. I learned respect, and love and loyalty and am not able to describe how wrong this feels to me… I am terrified what this generation will do when it is fully grown up… Without any kind of moral or values….


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