Takeaway from Chinatown


I have to confess: the pictures from chinatown have not turned out as I wanted them to be. I am showing to you two of the better ones. The day was very cloudy and somehow I chose the wrong settings and most of the pictures turn out a little bit too bright…

I’d already been to chinatown, before i visited it with carlotta- you can see pictures of it here and here , taken with my phone on a rainy evening- and it wasn’t that vivid this time. The last time this part of the city was pilsing with excitement, tourists were running around, a mixture of chinese and english was filling the air, like a strange kind of song, whispering strange words and kinds of sounds you’d never thought to be an actual part of language. There were groceries, offering neon colored lemonade, exotic fruits, half grilled ducks and any sort of stuff you could imagine to be part of chinese lifestyle, eating or spare time.

We were wandering around, our eyes bright with excitement, watching the people sell their stuff and eat strange things…

This time it was different. There were less chinese people, the dominating language was a muted english, sometimes with accent but mostly without, the neon colored lemonade seemed to have been swapped to coke light and life and overall it was all somehow less.

Less exciting, less thriving, less pulsing, less compassionate. I don’t know why but it was like that and sad somehow. I don’t think carlotta felt the same way- it was her first visit but i left chinatown with a strange feeling and a bunch of overexposed pictures…


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