Architectural monuments


I would have made this monochrome if the sky wasn’t colored in such a wonderful blue…

The westminster abbey is really impressive. We visited it, staying outside while the tube was on strike and decided to go inside to the evensong another day. If you visit the church for evensong, you get inside, don’t have to pay and attend to service (it was my first service for about a year…) the acustics inside are wonderful, the songs sound stronger and more harmonic than anywhere else and the view is wonderful.

Remember: You are there for service. There is not much time for walking around and you are not allowed to take pictures. But you’ll see most of the church for free, which was totally worth it. By the way: if you misbehave (taking pictures, acting touristic) they will just chuck you out. (They did that to a couple while we were sitting and awaiting the service to start…)

The whole thing takes about 45minutes – they are really quick, so even if you don’t enjoy service normally, you might be okay with that…


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