MM 2-22 Bridge


Leanne themed this week of Monochrome Madness, choosing the word Bridge as topic for week 2-22. Bridges. I have pictured them in various forms and shapes but this one is clearly the most impressive shot i had. Tower bridge, from a cosy place at the river thames.

It was the day of that huge tube strike and we decided to do the sightseeing then. Walking all the way from Kings Cross to horse guards parade via trafalgar square, to buckingham palace and the houses of parliament, and then all the way down to the tower bridge, with a stop to climb all the way up to the golden gallery of st. Pauls cathedral… I felt dead and wrecked at the end of the day but we saw a whole bunch of wonderful things, I pictured a lot of wonderful places and we were both happy with the things we did that day…

The boys at home decided, we are completely insane after we told them where we went that day but… I think this discovery was no surprise….


One thought on “MM 2-22 Bridge

  1. We walked most of the time, too, because the tube is so expensive. And at the end of our day I was very whiny … definitely the wrong shoes for that. I thought about buying new ones but hey … that would have been a bit more expensive than the tube.

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