Graffity tours… Women (Part 1 of 3)

We thought, a graffiti tour through shoreditch would be great, but- well… We were quite broke after paying the flight to London and the tickets for museums, exhibitions and the place to stay… And decided (because our time was limited as well) to leave it.

As we visited the Spitalfields market, truman Brewery, Absolute vintage and the brick lane a few very nice ones caught my eye and now I’m quite happy we decided against a tour- because you can see most of the things from the street and discovering stuff by yourself is a lot more… ‘adventurous’ than being taken to the places everybody knows…

Every gravity is a piece of art and as there are sooooooo many different motives, that you can’t really sort them. But I’ll try, starting off with the most iconic portraits of women…


3 thoughts on “Graffity tours… Women (Part 1 of 3)

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