Announcement – Celebrate with me

Hey there.

first of all congrats to the US- this is a great thing going on and wordpress celebrating with a rainbow color scheme is wonderful and adorably cute… I was quite happy yesterday evening and somehow proud, that suddenly things start to be as they should…

The real thing I wanted to tell you was, that I am very proud to announce, that after my trip to london in about 9 days, I am going to work as trainee for six weeks at the DIfE (deutsches institute für ernährungsforschung – German institute of human nutrition) in a Programm with the Charité.
This is just awesome 🙂 I am really really proud to have this possibility and will live in Potsdam from 20.07. until 28.08. – you will see a whole bunch of Berlin pictures, Potsdam, Street photography, crazy stuff and happiness… I am glad to be able to to this and well…

I am not sure how regular I am able to post (this depends on whether my WG has Wlan) but after I am back and surely on the weekends there will be a lot of stuff to show you…




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