Cheshire cat


Well literally it would be a cheshire dog. I wanted to take a nice picture of him, because, well I have taken pictures of the other two dogs we have and he was the last one… It was quite a struggle, because he was that euphoric, that he kept kissing and licking the camera, jumping up and down, back and forth… This one was just a few minutes before he AGAIN licked over the lense and offered me the possibility to clean it up again because- you know, that is one of my favorite kinds of work… At least if you ask him.

He often starts grinning, literally. He shows his front teeth, looks at you and is happy- I am not that sure whether it is a relic of wolf behavior or him mimicking his family- he tried to ‘Speak’ for a while, opening his mouth, not barking, not whining, just creating sounds- the same kind of sounds a baby would make if he wanted special things, like some food, visiting the garden… Same occasion, same sound… After we started memorizing toys and words with him, he stopped (we are now at 65 toys, 10 rooms or places and 20 persons he knows and is able to recognize) and grinned when we thought him new stuff, being happy as hell, rolling around on the floor and celebrated himself 😉


4 thoughts on “Cheshire cat

    • Hmm- maybe your lens is just tastier than others but… I think it is about the reflections on the glass because- well when I am in the shade and the lighting is coming from behind my back everything’s relaxed but when the light comes from the front, my dear gets mad and tries to lick the camera to death…
      Maybe it’s the same as cats with a laser pointer 😉
      Think about carrying around tasty stuff to throw a few metres away when you feel like a dog fell for your camera- they eat and you can picture whatever you want in the meantime (except the dog but I feel it’s not a soooo common motive 😉)

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