Lines and shadows… and a tree


Hey there,

this is my last image from the industrial side next to that festival (it was the orange blossom special by the way)… The ship was nearly touching the ground and rusting in every part… As it started raining heavily, we tried to find a quicker way back (which has not worked out that well) and I saw this. I climbed onto a little hill and found me balancing on a spot of 10cm between two ‘hills’ and the ‘cliff’. And there was this tree. This tree growing horizontal instead of vertical, right in front of me. I couldn’t change my position as I’d have normally, because the tailings piles around me looked to unstable to climb them and with the rain I had not that much time until the mud around me would get slippery and every movement could make me fall…

So here we have an Image with interesting lines and… the most badass tree I ever saw.


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