living the good life

Foto 05_Fotor1

Do you remember my Austrian origin? Well, I shouldn’t call it origin because I am legally a born German but well… You know, I envy the lifestyle of my family in Austria. The beautiful mountains, the skiing, hiking…. I love it and it is quite possible to find me living there one day…

This doorwas jumped into my eye, because of the wonderful colors, the yellow house an the magnolias… I really liked it…

By the way, currently I am getting ready for my trip to London in June, I love London and the list of places to visit is growing longer and longer… I think I will tell you a bit about it next few days…


7 thoughts on “living the good life

    • Yes, I know- I went to Winterberg for snowboarding twice this winter and in the Solling and Harz (both are near the spot I’m living at) are also excellent for hiking but… It’s not the same… Maybe it’s the mindset of my familie and the people there, maybe it’s the awesome food (which tastes better to me than the most excellent things I are here) or it is myself- because I know now where my family comes from and feel more at home there than in my little town here in Germany…
      But maybe the Black Forest changes my mind 😉


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