Beautiful tristesse…


When wandering around in Berlin stuff like this often pops into my eye. The straight lines- broken somehow, telling stories of tristesse, of being alone… But the green leaves above where just to beautiful… Imagine this place in summer… I sat there for a few minutes, because i misread a street sign and wandered about 1km into the wrong direction- and 1,5km back… I walked about 15km that day- 7 until midday and my feet were protesting loudly… It started raining, the chilling wind was biting and this place under a few trees made me feel comfortable…

I sat there, read “The Washington decree” by Jussi Adler Olsen – this book is just awesome and the ending is plausible but surprising… No I won’t tell you more 😉 – a few minutes of reading, and waiting to be able to go on, hit the tube, going further…


11 thoughts on “Beautiful tristesse…

    • Well, I think you could name it a revolutionary attempt – a protest seems too cute 😉
      I have to get lost sometimes- I have seen most of the good spots for photography in central Berlin and following my normal paths leads me nowhere… Getting lost ist sometimes the only way for me to find something new 😉


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