The dream maker… I am back :)


I heard someone describing soap bubbles as dream like. And I have to say, the play of colors, the floating bubbles, carried away by the wind… It was somehow awesome… I’m normally a quite sinister and cynical person, chopping persons with sarcasm into tiny pieces from time to time (and not even deliberately) but this really made me happy.  Well. This man seemed so happy with his work, with pleasing even the black dressed girl with that camera…

These soap bubbles floated around right in front of the academy of science… Which also made me smile- the contrast between this strictly organized academy and the floating, childlike bubbles… Or was it rather the contrast between my rational way of thinking and the emotional happyness this stuff created? I don’t know… 😉

Sorry for being so quiet during the last weeks- I couldn’t even make it to monochrome Madness BUT after next Monday I am done with all the graduation exams and have a lot of extra time for photographing and stuff like that… I hope you understood this because… Hell, I was that tremendously nervous- I wasn’t even able to eat in a proper fashion… Exams are clearly hell for me…


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