Five Photos – Five stories

Well, I recently found bCL Photography – I think via Leanne Cole’s monochrome madness and the awesome shots there made me follow this page. Now yesterday I was nominated by him to do the five photos, five stories challenge and here we go.

Rules: Five photos on five consecutive days, each with a small story, a poem, something fictional or non fictional, each day another blogger is nominated to do the same things. (I shortened thing a bit- hope it’s okay)


Do you remember the wreath of flowers? Well, these are her feet. We are both 17 now, she is getting 18 in a few weeks and as we were messing around somehow these trees appeared- her little sister told that they often climbed onto them when they were younger and I was really enthusiastic. They chose a tree and moved upwards like apes and I stood at the ground, looks up to them and was incompetent.They laughed and I just could not get up there- o my god, the last tree I climbed stood in the backyard of my kindergarten… Well, they told me how I should get up there and as I made it I found myself up there in some branches without any idea how I got there and how i should get down… While they climbed down i took this picture, more by accident than deliberate but in the end it looks somehow interesting…

I nominate saris corner – maybe she finds time to do this, thought her works are amazing…


2 thoughts on “Five Photos – Five stories

    • I think the shot of me hanging from a branch, my feet somewhere in that tree, one hand at the tree, the second somewhere to get stable would be awesome also… I looked somehow funny 😉
      The perspective is awesome but getting there was quite a struggle 😉

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