What is a treasure to me? I don’t know- maybe knowledge. This is my 6. year of ‘Jugend Forscht’ and at the Moment I am spending my time at the statern championship- we all won our districts competiton and the best of us will move up to the german based championship- meaning one week at BASF. At the Moment i am at the Bayer corp. they are doing their best to make things special and so… Well, this is my treasure, I am wearing this pin from 8 to 8 because they asked us to – for identification, verification and stuff… This is somehow a trasure- I belong  to the 30 best girls of NRW and to the 50 best projects so… Well, kinda worthy to me, isn’t it?

Foto 23_Fotor


10 thoughts on “Treasure

    • Well, I am actually holding two this year, one made it to statern championships- we (i had a partner) grew plants up to 50% higher and 30% faster with just modifying the energy levels on leafs by using reflecting stones or sand… Not such a big thing but thats able to create effects as you could only reach with using some kind of fertilizer- better for the environment and a lot cheaper 😉
      The other one was detecting damages in helmets with fluorescence or a software based system- they told me I could have won with both but they weren’t allowed to send more than two projects to startern championships – the second project was also from my school and awesome… Its really tough this year 😉


      • Thanks 🙂 We are actually having 10 minutes to present one years work – still a bit confused on how to do that WITHOUT forgetting anything but so what- thing will work out… in some way 😉


      • Haha, don’t talk to me about time limitations for presenting work… In December I had to give a presentation of 15 min and was presenting the work I did over the last 2.5 years 😉

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      • Marine ecology is awesome- my partner wants to study marine ecology and was kinda excited 😉 where did you study? She is very keen of studying abroad and is searching for universities 😉
        Well, it was really interesting yesterday, I think they forgot me to be near to graduation because their questions were kinda… Well… Strange. Explain the pH value to us- was clearly not what we expected but… It was no problem but I don’t know, maybe it was awful and they just wanted to ensure, that we are not as dump as they think, or they really like it and just wanted to ask something stupid… Well… hard to decide 😉


      • That sounds great! Well sometimes you think the questions are stupid but they actually aren’t to anybody else. But you are so in the topic that it is clear for you 🙂 Anyway, I did study in Hamburg, so I think I am not the best person to ask when it comes to study abroad 😉 But your friend could check out a webpage that I am involved in as well, it is concentrating on how to study marine biology in Germany but we might also can help her with some questions she has, this is the link:


      • Oh well… This is what happens, when you forget looking up where people come from XD The questions where… Let’s say amusing, the answers could not be correct, even if they were (like the one with the pH value…) They just seemed as if they tried to find smth we could not answer to.
        In the end we weren’t marked for the ‘Bundeswettbewerb’ but I won 4-6 weeks at a research centre- that was what I wanted to win and… Well, it is awesome 🙂

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