Liebster Award II

Well, again I got nominated for a liebster award (this is really cute 🙂 ) – So, I’ll translate the questions from German into English to make things more understandable… Lets star over.

I got nominated by jaci from LilaLipstick a quite awesome german Fashion and beauty blog.

So… Lets go on. Her questions.

1.Who or what is inspiring you?

My friends, my daily life, people passing by in the streets, the songs on spotify… Nearly anything unusual could inspire me, if I’m in the mood of getting inspired (blessing and curse)

2. What is your typical friday afternoon like?

Well, partying is not that possible in my beautiful countryside- I go to train my kids at the Karate course, then I train myself, go home and eat something nice… Maybe walk the dog… Sadly nothing special, except for the training session…

3. The last movie you watched at the cinema

I think it was guardians of the galaxy in London… Or was is Mockingjay? Well… I think it was mockingjay, I rather get the films myself and watch them with friends when we all have time. not when the film is in the cinemas…

4.biggest wish

Actually I have two. The first: A friend of mine is rather depressive and her mother is going to die on cancer. I wish them to have a bit more time. Just a few weeks… Second: To become the doctor I always hoped to become. Not that white dressed half god but a rather down to earth experienced but human one…

5. Meat or fish?

Meat. Fish is definitely better for your body but… I love chicken and stuff with chicken…

6.Favourite sweets

Definitely this one crazy mint candy I got in London for 1 pound… In germany: skittles

7. What is making you smile?

Carlotta. I met her on our trip to china, we will visit London together in July, every message I get is making me smile and cures my cynical moments.

8. Your favorite piece of clothing…

is a black dress, short, with a high neck, but lace between the classically styled black dress and the piece of black fabric around my neck- ugh I just can’t explain this kind of stuff… My grandma made it- she worked a long time for designers, making their showpieces and my mothers wedding dress. She is awesome, made me a Dirndl for celebrating easter in austria with my family…

9. The accessory you love most

Is my Thomas Sabo bracelet. I bought a charm at any special occasion I wanted to keep eternally. Like China.

10. Most used cosmetic brand…

Is definitely P2. I love their nail polish and own a few Lipsticks, and one powder- I mix up many brands so I don’t have an all time favourite…

11. Your favorite blog…

Leanne– that would be you.

Going on. My Problem is, that I nominated most of the bloggers I love last time… So there would be no changes. If you’d like to answer my questions, just go ahead and tell me, I appreciate anybody.

1. How do you keep things and memories?

2. What makes you feel better?

3. What do you do at rainy days?

4. How do you spend your afternoons (when not working)?

5. What would be your favorite place to live?

6. Do you like to travel?

7 Why do you travel?

8. What makes a day special to you?

9. Which kinds of blogs do you prefer?

10. Your favorite movie?

11. Why did you start blogging?

Okay, I will have to nominate one blogger… Frautaubenblau needs to be nominated because she is awesome. (does that count as reason?)

thanks a lot, Mary


2 thoughts on “Liebster Award II

  1. Habe ich mich überhaupt schon für die Nominierung bedankt? Ich habe sie auf jeden Fall im Hinterkopf und werde mich demnächst an einen Teil 3 machen! 😀 Vielen Dank übrigens, dass du gerade mich erwählt hast! ♥

    Liked by 1 person

    • ne, bis jetzt glaub ich noch nicht aber alles gut- wir hatten schließlich beide Abi und es war irgendwie ein bisschen Glücksspiel, dich zu nominieren (weil du im Gegensatz zu mir tatsächlich gelernt hast und zeit deshalb knapp war…) 😉
      Ich freu mich richtig, dass du die Nominierung an genommen hast 😉
      Wen denn sonst?! 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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