Connecting me…

The theme of photo 101 was ‘Connections’- I thought of picturing something like cars but- wait, we don’t have that many nice cars passing by, then of traffic but well, traffic is not really what makes problems here in the countryside. Then… I thought in a more abstract way- what is connecting me to the world? My phone, my music, the news on the radio…

It turned out to be my headphonees- you won’t see me without them most of the time. I wear them, to listen to BFBS –  I dislike most of our german radio programs, hen not getting BFBS I prefer !Live, which is the only listenable thing to get out here… As I got some stuff for makro photography as a birthday present (which was not working at first due to production issues and had to be exchanged on saturday…) I tried to do some nice stuff with that…_DSC3589_Fotor

Well, it is not the most awesome thing to imagine but- it turned out kinda sharp which was kind of a challenge… I will have to work and train harder with the manual focus because even the smallest mistake is viewable in this style…


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