MM- Bonsai Love


Oh my god- I missed time. I had no school yesterday for celebrating carnival and totally lost count… I really thought it was monday today so- I am not officially participating this week but so what- here I am… (I will have to be a bit more organized next week…)

So- this picture was taken in front of a lovely little bonsai shop in Berlin Charlottenburg- near the Savignyplatz. It was clearly love at first sight. Because I was visiting this shop at dawn my camera (and I) hadn slight problems with finding focus (I always take  pictures with manual and automatic focus and all of them are crappy- this one turned out best…)

I promise to post something more early than last time- you won’t have to wait a week for the next post… Although I am writing the pre – exams for my graduation (this seems to be a classic German thing- I don’t think many others do something like this but so what…)


2 thoughts on “MM- Bonsai Love

    • Thanks 🙂 Yes, the lighting was in fact awesome- they presented their trees the way you are used to when going into a shop for jewelry… I will have to go back there when the shop is actually open 🙂


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