glowy- MM 47

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You still remember the guy from that burlesque style make up post, don’t you? Well, he got into the second round of choosing the new employees and was asked to do another post- with the same model.
He should do something like winter wonderland or cold beauty (he had a choice, I think – clearly don’t know) so he asked me wether I could journey to him again. So I bought my train tickets and went over to him. One hour of going by train and a half by bus and in the end I arrived at his place. He took me to the city- buying lipstick. Again. He asked wether I had super light, clearly to white powder makeup. I had none of that kind and So he bought the stuff he needed.
I got a white make up with clearly to much powder and a red, vibrant lipstick. The lipstick was like neon- it was glowing on the pictures and looked that strange…
We decided to put things into monochrome. I asked him to do something like I saw in the streets a few weeks ago- a girl totally covered by her hood- the fury hair waving in the wind, her own hair in long curls, falling out of her hood.
I always wanted to do something like this and having a professional for picturing me I wanted to try things out. He sent this picture and a few others in and was glad to have me there- I promised to come again next time, yesterday the company said he is in the top 5 – we were that happy…

I don’e know, why I glow that much- must have something to do with lighting and filter… I think it’s kind special but also a bit strange… at least a bit… Like I had eaten up a light bulb…


13 thoughts on “glowy- MM 47

    • No, he wasn’t… I think flash is not that nice for portraits- but he reworked it so I clearly don’t know, how he created that flashy effect (it really looks like flash from short distance…) but it is indeed very peaceful- totally different from that rather direct burlesque make – up thing… I don’t know which one to prefer 🙂

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  1. I bet increasing the brightness would allow more details of the fur (and hair) to emerge, but I don’t know. You can go ahead and prefer all of them, I think. 🙂

    You are much better at English than I am at German.. I’m trying to learn German (eventually, that is). Would you/could you recommend any blogs that are primarily German language?

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    • That is quite nice- i like this one best- it is clearly more ‘me’ 🙂
      My English is actually just the usual school stuff you have to learn and things I need for analyzing fictional and non fictional texts (who thought about doing such stuff anyway?)
      I could recommend a lot of blogs to you- which kind(s) of blogs do you like to read? Mainly photography? Mixed Media and other stuff? Books? political posts about current german issues? I would recommend a lot to you, thought I read blogs mainly in English (which is quite a shame when thinking about it- I speak English nearly more than German… coming from Germany… )
      It is nice to hear somebody is actually learning German while speaking English which is used nearly everywhere… What made you start learning?

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      • To start learning German, I was prompted by a desire to read the original words of Carl Jung, Goethe, Nietzsche, and Freud. I chose to take Spanish in school mainly because of a curricular requirement, and I have noticed that I’ve formed some unpleasant memory associations (they kept trying to teach us about Paella). On the other hand, German is a language that I’ve been learning on my own without all the bad memories of tests, quizzes, and homework drudgery. I’m also interested in reading contemporary German stuff, watching German tv shows and documentaries on youtube, and eventually having conversations with German language speakers. Speaking of German television, have you ever heard of or seen this show: Als die Tiere den Wald verließen? I watched a few episodes on youtube and enjoyed it.

        A literature/book blog sounds good to me.. how about that?
        Thank you


      • Oh… Okay, that is quite a reason thought- have you read Rilke yet? I read his words a few weeks ago- for school but the “brief an einen jungen Dichter” (letters to a young poet) is quite awesome- I like his style and words- Freud is also a nice read according to which style you like…
        Maybe try out Kafka- he is quite understandable but very melancholic and his stories are interesting- maybe try out (die verwandlung or Der Prozess)
        When you are searching for German Blogs maybe look at this:
        She blogs about contemporary and classic books inspired by people like Kafka, Rilke and so on 🙂

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  2. I have read some Kafka stories (in English of course). I really enjoyed die verwandlung. I have only heard of Rilke, so I’ll read a bit about him and then eventually read some of his poetry. I would not expect Freud’s style to be impressive, but to read, untranslated, what he had to say is important to me.

    Thanks again. I’ve bookmarked the blog you mentioned, and I do appreciate your literary suggestions (and your photography).

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    • Das mit dem Ganz anders passt irgendwie- der Lippenstift war eigentlich wirklich knallrot- in der farbigen version hat der richtig geknallt aber irgendwie scheint der hier fast nude… Schräg XD


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