riverside dreamings – Update Charlie Hebdo

Going there with a friend, walking past, thinking about taking a picture- the sun was standing low, the wind bit into my face- it was so damn cold- there was no snow, nothing reminding anyone of christmas.

the branches over that water were just beautiful… They are calming, the wind is wandering through them, leaving a light sound, a rattling old voice…

Things about paris are reaching me every minute- there are no confirmed deaths until now- the shots being heard have not killed anybody according to the french home office…

The guys telling about shots at the Place du Trocadéro are wrong- the police says there was nothing noted.

I send out strength to the hostage’s families, wish them as well as they might be in a situation like this one. I pray for you. There is nothing anybody out here could do for now but no matter what- there is no possibility for those to escape! Even if they want to die as martyrs they will have to die. I hope they won’t. I hope they will rot in jail for the rest of their lives.

I pray for the hostages. I pray for the families. It doesn’t happen that often, that I start praying. But this… this makes me dependent on some greater sense, some greater god, some greater good…
The jewish supermarket is the kind of target showing how cruel those people are. The attack on Charlie Hebdo was something which had a kind of unconvincing, strange reasoning in not existing sense of humor and a strong will to kill somebody,  but this is just a way to hurt as many as possible…


2 thoughts on “riverside dreamings – Update Charlie Hebdo

  1. Hi, i won’t comment about Charlie Hebdo, I simply agree, that it is very sad. But I would like to say that I really love the picture you’ve taken. It has got some kind of emotion that touches me. I love it.


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