Make up…

A friend of mine asked me to come over to his house. He is very into photography and applying for doing things professionally in two weeks. He was asked to do a few burlesque style portraits.I didn’t know what he wanted to do and was just a little amused when he told me to bring all my lipstick and eye makeup and to try to get a rather light and soft focused make up.

I went to him without all this make up I am wearing in that picture. He searched his way through the cosmetics I brought along and left me for a few minutes, telling me to do an eye makeup with some gold in it, going to some shops to pick up something. After 10 minutes he came back bringing along this lipstick. The eye makeup was ready and he just modified it a bit (adding more gold which made me look like a creature from outer space)and took a brush to apply that lipstick. I hadn’t seen what color it had and he said he would’t let me see until he was done with the pictures.

I sat on a chair for about 15 minutes, looking at him, at the wall, he was moving around and took pictures. After all this he asked me to take a selfie and feel sexy.  didn’t feel sexy at all, with all the makeup I hadn’t seen and the gold and what so ever…

This it what things turned out. I was clearly shocked as I saw myself for the first time- i looked 5 years older and like a goth. it as nothing like my usual style. I asked him what exactly things were meant to turn out and he told me about all this burlesque thing…

The pictures turned out nicely, he used bit of Photoshop but after I asked him not to do it he did#t modify anything in my face. Ha asked whether I wanted to have a slighter nose, straight teeth or things like that but I refused. I like myself this way.

Getting that make up off was a real challenge ( It took at least as much time as it took to make things look wearable )… So this is it… I hope you guys like it…


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