What’s in my handbag?

Okay guys, here we go, it is nearly christmas and some of you asked via mail, what I take with me, when traveling… I don’t know why you asked via mail and not in the comments but so what, it is nearly christmas and this blog just celebrated one year so, let’s go…

Photography is linked – for me – with traveling because all the same spots get boring after a few days… When I travel I very often reduce myself to very basic things, kinda survival kit…


Here we go. What’s in my handbag? When traveling with small luggage there is clothing also (yes, there is) – but that was taken beside for now…

Okay, first the technical ans blog based stuff:


There is:

1. A notebook/ calendar: I have a lot of appointments recently… Driving lessons, workshops, my graduation from high school is coming nearer so there are also the dates of tests noted down, the backup codes for authentication, a few phone numbers… If I’ll ever lose this little black book, I’d be totally lost…

2. A pencil, a ballpoint pen, an eraser: short notes, quick drawings… Stuff like that, you know?

3. An extra battery pack for my camera, because you never know, if you might need it…

4. My phone with headphones: Nothings impossible with the right music and my mum wants to get to know something sometimes… WhatsApp, a few post processing apps for quick photos or unforgettable moments without the ‘real’ camera and for staying in contact with you, when I can’t bring my laptop somewhere due to luggage restrictions or the short durance of a trip…

Let’s journey on, into the depths of cosmetics…


5. An eyeliner (a bit out of focus – its the long black thing in the front). it changes every look into something unique, transfers days  makeup into something party able…

6. Hand cream (L’Occitane Almond hand cream): In winter it is that cold, that my skin gets as dry as sandpaper, it works for the face also, if I forgot to bring something different and instantly smoothes the skin. I recommend it to everyone (I own mine for three months and it’s still half full)

7. Nail polish (P2 “One and only”): A very deep and vibrant red, reminding me of red wine (maybe it’s even darker)… Thought I leave the house  rarely without any nail polish I take it with me to instantly vamp up any outfit, if I have to or to feel just a bit more beautiful (I really love this shade… similar to essie – “wicked”)

8. Shower cream (only when traveling, traclemoon- cinnamon nights): Perfect start into a cold winter day, it smells like the cinnamon cookies my grandmother sometimes bakes, mixed with a slightly fruity touch… Lovely- it raises my mood instantly…

Thought there were 9 things on the first picture one is missing:


9. Ring (les delices de candice): clearly not the ring from Tolkien but even better (it has birds sitting on it 🙂 )… My mum gave it to my at my 16th birthday as a present, isn’t it lovely? I don’t know why but I wear it to nearly every outfit with gold in it, the birds raise my mood 🙂

Here we are, back again from our journey into the depth of my handbag – there is less stuff than I imagined, I thought there would be more. You’ll have to add my camera (Nikon D3000) thought I used it to picture all this and an umbrella (mine is gone for now- I think I left it in school…) because at the moment it is THAT rainy in Germany…

I am sorry for the crappy quality and hope, at least those asking for this are happy about the post… I think I’ll experiment a bit more with that ring, in the right lighting it might look wonderful….


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