just another homeless guy?

We all know how to behave when using public transport. We all know to sit quietly, to say nothing, to neglect those not behaving, to oversee the homeless and poor.

I travelled by suburban this weekend and a homeless guy sat next to me, began to talk to me and spoke about his life, his love, possibilities and death.
Pascal was a punk, he drank beer while talking to me, his hair was bright red and in the end he smelled truly awful. He knew. But as he said, he couldn’t do nothing without a place to stay.
He started conversation with questioning me, If I bothered him smelling next to me. I was scared of the man talking with himself as he stepped into the train,
He looked at me with his restless eyes and as I had to go 30 minutes ‚till reaching the city center I talked to him. After a few minutes he started to blush and told me, that none spoke to him that way for months. I was just friendly, I was not special in any way but he felt better with every word we spoke.
We talked about being alone- he had a flat for three months but couldn’t stand the silence, about love- he had no girlfriend for now but is almost 22 and possibilities- most people walk past him sitting somewhere.
He asked me to travel two stations further because he wanted to buy something to drink at Zoo station. I had thing to do and couldn’t but at the end of our conversation he took my hand, bowed his head and let me go with only one sentence:
„Mary, it was an honor to me, it truly was- if someone is ever bad to you, you’ll know where to find me.“
this man, the drunken, smelly and strange punk changed a lot due to the few words we spoke.
Sad, that only few people will ever know.

4 thoughts on “just another homeless guy?

  1. Powerful, powerful story. I have had a few very similar experiences. There is beauty in everyone- and it is the special gift of the Tender to coax that gentle beauty out of even the most untamed of beasts. Hugs. This story evoked such emotion for me. Thank you.

    Autumn Jade


    • Thanks a lot- it was a very emotional moment, I changed from serious fear of him to couriosity and true astonishment… I wouldn’t describe myself as tender- normally I am rather sarcastic, even cynical but… I don’t know- special situations afford special measures, don’t they?
      I thanks you, thought you leave this nice comments behind when visiting my blog…


      Liked by 1 person

      • Haha I would describe myself in a similar way- caustic, reserved, and exceedingly laconic and a bit austere- but tenderness is something deeper than that exterior shell…it is in the eyes…

        Love is a beast with gentle eyes.

        I think he could sense that in you. That is where true tenderness lives, I think. Not in someone openly mawkish and maudlin, serial-hugging all over the place, calling everyone “oh you SWEET thing!” from every direction- true tenderness lives in those who do not openly flaunt it, I think. I’m really rambling, apologies!

        Smiling cheers,

        Autumn Jade


      • “Serial- hugging” XD That describes those people best- and how I feel about them 🙂
        Sometimes the “all-the-time-ever-so-happy-feeling-guys” hide darker things in their minds than the caustic, cynical, dark humored people- therefor I like them best (they get my humor in the right ways)…
        I don’t think, rambling is something you need to apologize for- I am terribly monkey-minded…

        Smiling a lot these days,

        Liked by 1 person

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