Marvelous lashes


I really love my dearie, my beautiful pink pony- yes, she’s really pink during winter, colored in a slight aubergine, orange during summer, like a pumpkin… I love her. She has this beautiful, long, curved lashes, and when it’s raining hundreds of water drops stick to them…

I love her. Really. She is the best thing I was ever allowed to hold in my arms- she loves to lay her chin onto my shoulder, breathing into my ear, pulling my hair, because she loves the smell of my shampoo…

Because of all this I got soaked during picturing her- she doesn’t like to be photographed, my camera scares her, my mobile seems to be annoying in her eyes… As she grew up in Uruguay many guys weren’t that nice to her, she is terribly scared of men, as I wore an oversized, red down jacket ( I got it for 15€ during sale, it doesn’t look nice but is totally okay for the stables…) she felt uneasy in my presence, so I took off my jacket, brought it back into the cars and stood just in my sweatshirt in the pouring rain… But I love her, I would stand there for hours, if she wants me to…


15 thoughts on “Marvelous lashes

  1. Stunning image! I can just imagine her in all her pinky-orange glory in the winter. Too beautiful! I loved every single word you wrote about her, bringing more and more depth and emotion to the photo. Powerful. I adore horses and ponies. I have met many that have also been abused. It boggles the mind. I am so glad this one has you as her protector and dear friend. “She is the best thing I was ever allowed to hold in my arms” So beautiful. I am reminded of a quote I stumbled upon once:

    “Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”
    – Anatole France

    Smiling cheers,

    Autumn Jade

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    • Glory fits exactly for the state she is in at the moment, she is that happy during winter, if snow falls she plays with all this white wetness as if she was a foal again 🙂 I hope for snow, i really do…
      I think I needed to write about her, the image without anything was just…. hmm… an image? Nothing that special, nothing really notable, just a monochrome picture…
      I do adore them, we have got four “ponies” at this moment, I grew up with them since I was three years old and we think about breeding with Pumpkin…
      It is really a shame to hurt such lovely creatures. Every time she backs up when I want to grab her halter, I feel guilty. I know that I am not able to change her past but for now we make up a good team. When I carry her saddle for miles up onto an hilltop so she can walk at her own pace behind me, not having to carry anything, eating some grass when she wants to, following me and standing still when we reached our first stop, waiting for me to put the saddle onto her back and to fix the bridle I feel that privileged… She just decided to trust me, following my steps, waiting for me without any conditions…
      She knows exactly, that I love hacking in the forests and gets that excited overtime she sees one… I really hope for snow 🙂 (have I said that yet?) and wait for her reaction when hacking out. It took me three years to gain her trust, to be able to ride her in this way, sometimes even without a bridle. We had many hard days and worked nearly every time I got home from school but the pride of showing to her former owner how well things worked out after she had to give her to me, returning to the British forces as war reporter (crying for hours after realizing she had to leave her) weights of every minute…
      This quote is just beautiful…
      Thanks for your comment, I really appreciated it…

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  2. Das sind Momente die wohl nur Pferdemenschen wirklich verstehen ❤ Das Zitat von Anatole France ist sehr treffend, egal ob Hund, Katze, Pferd – wer keine Tiere hat und/ oder diese besondere Beziehung offen ist, wird es nie nachvollziehen können. Ich liebe die Momente wenn Shaman von sich aus Kontakt möchte. Er ist wirklich kein "Schmusepony". Aber ab und an.. Dann fuzelt er mir mit seiner Lippe im Gesicht, legt den Kopf auf meine Schulter oder holt sich freiwillig eine Reikibehandlung ab und legt seinen Kopf unter meine Hand… ❤

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