Liebster Award

So- I was nominated for the “Liebster blog award” – an award for nominating blogs you like…

The rules:

1. Link the person, who gave the nomination to you

My nomination is from Achlys, blogging on her German Page called “Schattenfarben” (Colors of shade?) about depression and the life in between ups and downs…

2. Answer the questions

3. Nominate other bloggers

4. Give them 11 questions to answer

5. Tell them, that they are nominated

Okay- here we go, I got some very nasty questions- those ones with no real answer…

1. Summer or winter?

Definitely winter- it is not that hot, you have all this snow, the beautiful landscape, christmas… Sitting together round the fireplace… I love all this, the cold never really bothered me- I rather freeze a bit than run around being totally sweaty… Okay, that was an easy one…

2. How do you define being a “Grown up”?

Hmm… I think it is about knowing what to do, how to behave and being able to take the consequences of your actions. It is not about reaching an age… it is more about that certain state of mind, making you able to be a real part of society, having the knowledge to judge the things going on…

3. Do you think, you’re grown up?

I think I am on the verge of being so, I am not that skilled and experienced in judging things and I think there is so much more I have to see, to learn… I am somewhere near being grown up but maybe not completely ready for live yet, thought some people say I am…

4. Favorite color?

uugh… I don’t have a straight favorite, it is more like a range of colors, the dark ones…

5. The last book you read?

Zero by Marc Elsberg

6. Yes or no?

According to what? I think it is a straight “Maybe” 😉

7. First thing to do after waking up?

Opening the blinds and looking out in the yard, opening the window and watching the sun rise…

8. What do you want to do one time in your life?

Running on the great wall, skydiving, visiting the hagia Sophia – there are so many things I want to do, I just can’t decide, maybe: Make straight decisions?

9. Which song(s) describe you best at the moment?

Take me to church – Hozier

10. What do you like best about yourself?

that is nasty. That is really nasty… Maybe my sarcasm? Yes, I think it is my sarcasm, my humor, the skill f making people laugh and happy in dark days…

11. Would you like to be able to stop time?

I don’t know. I don’t think so- time is meant to be in flow and things are meant to get better. i don#t want to stop anything because that would stop me from doing other things, stop me from living and take even that chances from all the guys being stopped in time…

Okay- that were a few tough ones..

1. Wich place would you love to visit once in a lifetime? Wo würdest du gerne einmal in deinem leben hinreisen?

2. Where do you want to live when you are old? Wo möchtest du leben, wenn du alt bist?

3. If you could become everything you want to, what would it be? Wenn du alles werden könntest, was du wolltest, was wäre das?

4. The last book you read? Welches Buch hast du zuletzt gelesen?

5. What was the most important thing you were taught? Was ist das wichtigste, dass du gelernt hast?

6. What is your favorite color? Was ist deine Lieblingsfarbe?

7. Your favorite TV show / series? Deine lieblings Fernsehshow oder serie?

8. Why do you take pictures? Warum fotografierst du etwas?

9. What was the best moment of your life so far? Was war dein schönstes Erlebnis?

10. Wat made you start blogging? Warum hast du angefangen zu bloggen?

11. Coffee or tea? Kaffee oder tee?

I nominate:




Die Suchtfreie Zone

Miss Booleana

okay, that are not as many guys as I could nominate but- everyone who feels like it may take these questions, link them to my blog and comment, that you took the nomination….

Thanks and see you soon, Mary…


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