Happy birthday :)

Yes- you are right. This whole thing is going on for about one year. 365 Days- and a few more since I started Brightpigments. First as kinda Travel log from China and recognizing I couldn’t log in from there as an point of memory. Then I started to edit random pictures and in the end I am four post Photoblog and when I feel kinda texty I just post it in between. Every fifth post a text…

I was journeying with you guys for such a long time. From the beginning neither my friends nor the family know about this blog – I started from zero to build up something which isn’t affected by my surroundings and something where I could speak freely and try out things without thinking about what others may say about them… Now you are about 120 subscribers and there are more of you with every week…

I reached about 4.500 kicks with 117 posts and tried out four themes in three different styles- you see I posted quite irregularly within the first few months…

I am sorry to boast that loud and I truly know some people gain such numbers within the first day but- I started from zero and am that prod to be a part of this whole thing.

Best of all: My english grades improved about four points, coming from a B to a B+, and A- and this term a straight and beautiful A with not thinking that much about what to talk about, what to tell, how to speak. English comes more naturally now and that is another big thing I have to thank you for. This is not about me, it is about you because without people looking at my pictures i wouldn’t have worked on for one whole year…

I am up for another year, more photography, more guys talking to me. I will try to do more blog hopping through the monochrome madness links, more comments, more likes, I will try to improve further, to graduate from high school and to travel back to London- by the way- being in London next summer I always look for some special places to visit, special announcements or prices or someone of you guys showing me a bit of your city and what you do for a living in beautiful London…

So: If you have something to tell me, something you want to know, something you always thought someone should try out or something which you always wanted to criticize – please don’t hesitate to ask/ tell/ contact me…

My blog’s e mail is as usual brightpigments@aol.de and I am really happy ’bout everything…




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