Shouldn’t we know better?


I think here in Germany we all know about the scandals going on in the homes for asylum seekers. Some guys having their own little Problems with the sad, the ill, the faithless and the broken. I don’t know whether it went through your news- I just saw that you read my blog from all over the world, so let me explain this things to you briefly…

The last weeks several videos from persons hitting asylum seekers occurred. That is, sadly, nothing extraordinary in our european society. If every opinion is allowed to be published, everybody is tried to prove his right and wrongs every single day, wich is the only washable thing but seems to come out too har for some people…
In homes of the „European Homecare“ former prisoners were employed to take care of the people living there. Some seemed to have a right wing background, others were members in some parties, being under surveillance of the German Verfassungsschutz.
It is not about making those sadly mislead people even more to an object of generalization and hatred but thinking about what this says about the society, we use to live in.

We, Germany, accept the special background we have, the special duty when caring for people, being under prosecution in their home countries, being politically discriminated and chased. Fugitives are taken in Germany, when they reach our borders. It is not about sending them away directly but about finding a solve for each one, for each family. Of course the life is hard. The first months are neither comfortable, nor self-determined, there are regulations on traveling, living, working and every kind of social life. There is a lot of bureaucracy – we Germans are in love with things like that, aren’t we?
But think about it, we try to help them and even if it seems in the international news, as if we sent all of them away, we don’t.

Grundgesetz (federal law)

Article 16 a)

§1 Politisch Verfolgte genießen Asylrecht.

This general sentence, politically persecuted will obtain an asylum, says a lot about us, dealing with fugitives. Politically persecuted are allowed to live in the federal republic of Germany as long as they are persecuted or obtain the German citizenship for a lifetime. It is not about sending them away, it is about helping them, because our citizen were taken by other nations as Germany struggled with the national socialists.
You may say, that „politically prosecuted“ isn’t including those, who have to leave their homes because of warfare, poverty, illnesses or state regulations. We know but we can’t do anything about it. The number of people coming to Germany is on the edge of the things we are able to maintain solved. Worlds problems, the warfare, the Arabic spring, Ebola, every year, the guys seeking a safe hoe in Germany are becoming more. Some try to come here illegally, paying about 10000$ for one way, leaving everything behind to find a future.
And this is how they are welcomed? with punishments and guys running around, calling themselves the new „SS“? You know the „SS“ don’t you? The national socialist organization, killing and chasing politic activist, jews, taking them from their home in the mid of the night, to make them feel the true terror of the regime. You know them. And those people may know them, too. How does it have to feel, when you’ve just left a system of prosecution and persecution and experience this?
I promise, we aren’t all this way. We don’t think this ay as a society. Those people were just the scum of the society we live in, having to project their hatred on the weak and broken to feel something similar to power. We aren’t all that way. Please accept my apologies for those our society wrecked and wasn’t able to help. We should know better, shouldn’t we?


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