Big Ben

IMG_4125_Fotor Kopie

London was huge but first of all: I’m sorry. My camera did nasty things during my time in London and I had to sitch to my mobile- my camera suddendly refused to notice, it has an objective, refused to take my memory card and worst of all didn’t want to go on, taking pictures…

So the next pictures are a bit crappy, sometimes they are clearly out of focus and not a bit of the quality, you are used to but whatever- we’ll go on, I’ll present the pictures to you, I’ll give the most convicing ones and hope you won’t chop my head off…

So here it is, first of all the houses of parliament with the beautiful victoria tower a.k.a. Big Ben. We did a boat tour as whole class down from  Greenwich to Westminster, it was beautiful but the windows were a bit dirty so I think there are a few spots…

Clearly not what you are used to but no matter what- it is beautiful!


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