Meeting Mrs. Merkel

I met the german chancellor a few weeks ago. She was buying stuff in Berlin’s famous Gallery Lafayette, a high quality and high price fashion and food department store in central berlin.
I had to get some tea, the sort of tea you pay a fortune for and get addicted to as soon as you try it for the first time… A bit of matcha, a bit of Løv, a bit of everything.
Standing on the cash desk and seeing people around me looking with terror at me is an experience I don´t want to have, seeing that anxious look in the cashiers face was kinda shocking, turning around and seeing Angela Merkel is a thing you remember for the rest of your life.
I was packing my stuff in a terrible hurry, dropping a package and taking it as fast as I could to get out-of-the-way. She looked at me with kind of interest and looked away after a few seconds as if she’d try to hide this first and open glance. Her appearance was plain, she just had this gleam around her. This terrible self-confidence even I have to admire…
Mrs. Merkel buying something, standing behind me, looking at me. It was special. I stuffed away the tea and ran straight into her bodyguard. A slim but beautiful, long-legged blonde with a perfectly fitting suit and a sharp look in her eyes. She glanced at me with amusement and turned to get nearer to Mrs. Merkel.
A few tourists started photographing her. I can´t understand why. This women wasn’t there for anything official and photographing someone while buying stuff is like the social version of a zoo. I had my camera hanging around my neck, bouncing a bit with every step. This beautiful woman said no word when stepping into the way of this tourists, just lifting her hand and shaking her head to signal, that the chancellor didn’t want to be photographed. I think it is disgusting to picture people like that. It is of course special to meet the german chancellor, it is special to see her standing behind you but she wasn’t there to be photographed. It is a thing about respect.
Even when Mrs. Merkel isn’t making the best out of politics and she truly isn’t, there are many people who dislike her ways and many who feel disadvantaged and everybody knows best what to do when taking over her job – I don’t want to take her place. She is a strong woman but has to hide when attending in a store. She can’t have a normal life and when she tries to have the life she is allowed to, she is photographed while just wanting to disappear.
She is a crazy kind of role model to me. I don’t like her looks but she is the one being judged for her politics not for her appearance. She is strong, virtuous when moving competitors out of her way (Wulff, von Guttenberg), has this incredible self-confidence like a  halo all around her and she moves through Berlin with a female bodyguard. I think I have to explain this point: many female celebrities stuff their team with well-chosen male model like bodyguards, giving them a good feeling, not realizing that they bought the guys they never dated… She just takes a blonde, a beautiful one to show that looks or gender could never overpower true strength and skill. This is in my opinion what she should do, allowing this beauty to secure her, allowing her looks to be perfect and her face to be beautiful because a bodyguard is no one to choose from his looks. It’s about physical and mental power, about speed, tactical understanding, understatement, a virtuous love for this job and a cool mind, willing to carry the  responsibilities while doing everything to stay a shadow… The chancellor of my country understood this, she is clever in a very special way and her eyes are having this lively expression… This woman is able to do anything and she’d have been a very good physicist. She doesn’t need politics to be someone because she is everything you could ever become for being successful… Except the looks but that’s just one part of it…
A virtuous lady, I have to admit.

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