Looking for something special…

I am grown up in a very creative environment, my father is painting and photographing a lot while working as a doctor, my mother play the violin and piano in a very nicely fashion and I am trying all of this. My friends are painting, singing, making music and dancing in the streets. I love all of them. The ones asking me whether I am a lesbian while brushing their teeth next to me, the ones singing in the streets while walking next to me in pouring rain and asking me to join in, the ones sending me their photos and starting to blog just because I like them. I am a very sarcastic, sometimes cynic, in bad days sinister or melancholic person. I try to stand up for everyone I love – they are far to many thought- and I am working in my free time to be able to afford the train tickets for visiting those living far away… I think I´ll have to show you something. The one starting to blog because I like her pictures. I train her in one of the courses I assist in. I text with her and I am surprised how much her photography has improved since this first picture I saw. So: big hands for a short introduction: Thewonderofmemorizing  She is 14, not really speaking English well she blogs in german but I think even when not speaking German you may look at the photos she takes… She is working with a very small camera for beginners, without anything to customize it, not exchangeable lenses or stuff like that, only photographing with assistant programs she takes nice shots. I think she got used to this kind of photography most of us started with. I know she is at the start of blogging, she hash´t posted many pictures for now, she isn´t well known and I don´t know how far she´ll come but we all started that way. We all started with that one person telling us we do beautiful things… I sorted out some of the pictures she has shown me, maybe she will post them in the next few days. even if you think this awesome long blog name is far too much to type at any time you want to visit her – keep an eye on her works. She is awesome for a 14-year-old girl, she is working hard and she is really trying… these pictures don´t belong to my works, they are hers and I think they look nice… So, see ya on wednesday for a new photo of mine…


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