Meet Würzburg!

Foto 13_Fotor Würzburg


I was in Würzburg this weekend. The first reason was a meeting of the guys, who went to China with me and for second, because I never saw this city and felt it was beautiful.

Würzburg is a nice city, three guys from china went with me. We walked along the riverside, relaxed and it was nice. Very very nice. i love the atmosphere, the beautiful churches in the middle of the town. There are so many little shops, barbers, restaurants and the usual chains you see everywhere.

I ate the best Ice cream of all my life, including trips to Italia. Amazing. The combination of kiwi and honey – walnut has to be thought over but it was the best Ice I ever had. Just walk from the old bridge with it wine bars into the inner city. At the next fountain there is a nice Ice Cream parlor. Nice and for Bavaria relatively cheap.

When visiting Würzburg don’t always stay on the main roads. Go into smaller sideways and don’t worry – there are no really bad parts to find.

When coming by train just sit down in front of the central station, there is a nice little park with flowers, a fountain – everything you need to enjoy the sunlight.



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