The world lost a beautiful person!

I don’t know if its in the media wherever you are right know. Today a convoy of war journalists was attacked by a police officer in Afghanistan.
the two female journalists were from Canada and from Germany. Anja Niedringhaus was from a city near my hometown. 15 min away. She was a perfect photographer and very single picture she made was a beauty. For mind and eyes. 
The Canadian Woman which was with her was critically injured. I hope she´ll make it. The world can’t lose two of its best journalists at one time. 
Anja Niedringhaus fought for the freedom of girls and woman, tried to show the humane behind weapons and the fear behind the fire line.
I think she is at a better place right now. She has to be. 47 is too early to die and I am sad, loosing a great talent. I hope the grief and pain of her direct surrounding will wear off. There is so much to remember, so many works of her to admire and I hope that more than just her pictures are remaining. Forever.

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