Berlin: the rest of it…

IMG_0854_Fotor IMG_1111_Fotor

I Stopped trying to save the photos I made this weekend. My memory card is broken, so everything I photographed the last few days is gone. Except from Potsdam everything. Shit.

So I searched for nice pictures on my phone. Bad idea. My phone is making picture in the quality of a baked potato. They aren’t sharp at all and the colors are just a bit better than on a black and white image…

This two pictures are from last summer / fall. I´m very often in Berlin and so there are many nice but old photos.

The right one is from one of the many bridges, guiding guys over the Spree. The bridge itself isn´t that beautiful but I really love the idea of this love locks. Love banned for many years. Nice. Many couples throw away the key. Now imagine what happens when this love comes to an end, the love lock remembers you every day of the gone hope and love…sad but true.

The other picture is from Marzahn. Yes, Marzahn. The prefab district of Berlin. In the middle of this unpleasant place is a very wonderful, the gardens of the world. In a few hours you can take a journey from Spain to Japan. By foot. I had only one hour in this gardens but the many little buildings are that beautiful…

Always visit this garden in fall. In summer it is too hot to love it, in winter there is nothing special. Just snow. Spring should be beautiful but fall. I love it. This garden in fall. I will visit it again this summer, maybe I will change my mind. I think I will post some more of the photos I have of this garden. I loved the one from Spain but I think it would be a real shame to post something in that quality the pictures have…


3 thoughts on “Berlin: the rest of it…

  1. Its great that you posted the pictures whatever their quality. Sometimes images that are not perfect can be much more satisfying; a little blurry and softer can be very effective. Best wishes 🙂


    • Oh my god- you really searched your way through all this images until you reached one of my first posts… That is in fact amazing…
      I stopped trying to take images with at really good quality when being in London on a trip I waited to do for ages – and my camera refused to take any picture… Now I have all this little crappy phone-made pictures and know at least that zooming isn’t making things any better XD
      Now I’m a bit more relaxed- the last picture I posted was made with my phone as well- I can’t take my camera everywhere and especially not to the stables… 🙂
      Enjoy your day- Mary

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