Something different…

Something different...

Normally you see pictures of my trip throughout China when opening this page. Today I thought to post something different: As yesterday was my birthday I went to berlin to celebrate it with my friends. So I thought I could visit Potsdam today. It is nice. In fact very beautiful, when you stay in the city center. If you move outside there is one single problem: the old buildings of former GDR. Ever seen a so-called “Plattenbau” (prefab) Search for pictures: the total tristesse and agony of a dark part of history banned in to concrete blocks…
Something you have to see once to imagine it. Concrete…doesn´t sound that bad but it is…The parts of Berlin like “Marzahn” wich are mainly prefab blocks have big problems. Yesterday I heard that there is even the possibility to live two days for free in an sophisticatedly designed made apartment in such a prefab, just to get a few flats rented…Sad isn´t it?
So, back to Potsdam. In the center there are many nice and old buildings. Very beautiful, an old church many nice cafe´s and the same big retail chains you see everywhere next to a few free shops.
I think Potsdam is a nice city for tourism but if you just want to go shopping he days you are there, stay in Berlin! There are so many nice things to see that shopping would be a complete waste of time.


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