Fighting for freedom

DSCN1437_Fotor Kopie

I think everybody knows about the famous Shao -lin monks in China…They´re fighting and training and working very hard. For the tourists. When visiting China every tourist visits the famous monastery of those monks. Monastery…sounds a bit old fashioned, doesn’t it?
But what do you associate with monks? With a Monastery? I always thought about isolation, abstinence, a god/higher power and loneliness, tradition, visions or no private possessions.
Can you imagine, what I saw? Hundrets of Pupils training on concrete floors, some of them making up special shows for tourists, others selling stuff to them…Its nice seeing this show. Very nice but what has this kind of lifestyle to do with monks?
Our guide said, this way of living provides freedom. The pupils of the monastery school are well trained and educated. They are the elite of China. They have the freedom to choose their way of living, their own career and they do have possibilities. But it is worth it? Is it worth, ruining your health and giving away your childhood having parents spending their last money? I think it is. Education and possibilities are the things, making your future look brighter. Especially in China your only one under a million and if you want to become something special you have to pay for it. Every private school in this world requires money. Because thy know the value of education. The Shao- lin monks go to extremes. For the tourists, for themselves, for everybody. Maybe they are a bit to extreme but every pupil is allowed to go at any time of his career.

I know, I couldn’t make it. As a girl in general and with all that drill particularly. I couldn’t stand the stress and he training. But as I know this, I´m very impressed by those who can. They should be honored!


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