Ever ate something, not knowing wether it´s meat or vegetables or Tofu? I did. Every day. Sitting at a round Table in a original Chinese restaurant, not at those made up for the tourists is kinda adventure!
In the middle is a great rotating tray with boiling soup, different plates and a big bowl of rice. In the cites are small tables, full of bowls and raw fruits or vegetables. Everything looks that tasty that you get hungry in the very Moment seeing those tables. When ever wandering around in the historic centers of the cites you smell chestnuts, fried fish and everywhere are different spices organized on trays..It´s like heaven…
I know those men and women selling eatable stuff are just waiting for wrists but sometimes you can find shops, bars or restaurants full of nationals sitting together and having fun…Dont be scared joining them as I was at the beginning, because most of them are really friendly…
As we were three guys wandering around without any map or orientation it was like a different world. We were hungry and despite all the warnings given to us, not to eat anything in the streets we had to…We thought that the stands for tourists were boring nd because we already were wandering around we took a chance. Going into a Shop full of regional stuff costs a bit of overcoming, because all my german ideas of whats hygienic or clean or even eatable were tested. As we came out of Bejing, we had have a few days mainly with european standards so we thought it was like home most of the time but eating out of your hotel or even out of your district is different. We had some stuff, I still can’t tell what it was but it was very very good! Choosing out of a huge selection of things, boiled and fried in front of your eyes on a kind of grill is special for europeans (mostly)…Even if our team leader wasn’t that happy about our journey into the depths of asian cuisine we were kinda proud: we ate and were alive and kinda healthy afterwards 😀
So: if you have the chance to try some national stuff AND are vaccinated against hepatitis AND its fried/ boiled/ kinda hot- try it! It´ll be totally worth it!


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