Dancing in the streets

DSC01784_Fotor Kopie

Ever tried dancing in the streets of a big city? I hadn´t before my trip to china…After a few days I arrived in Shanghai and was totally shocked. After Beijing every Chinese city seemed like an awful mess!
Shanghai with it´s bright lights, loud music and crowded streets was like a different universe! In Beijing no one really talked, the people were on their own, avoiding contact, looking to the floor. Everything was controlled by the government and organized pretty exact.
Shanghai was different. It was much more western than any other city I had seen before in china. Those bright lights made me think of New york, the older parts of the city were like Berlin, London or Prague. It was nice to be in such a familiar atmosphere!
As a tourist I had to see this city at night, it wasn’t included in my tour so I had to pay extra for a cab or choose the underground trains. I made my way through the streets and bought a ticket for the Bus and the subway. It was totally worth it.
It was a rule in my travel group to take with you two others when leaving and we all three did something very mad: we joined a couple of Chinese women and danced to Chinese music in the streets of Shanghai. Those women were dancing for themselves, for their friends, for tourists, for the world…They all had such a great fun joining each other to dance that we had to join in. I think I´m now in a bunch of vid´s on YouTube because nearly everybody filmed those three tourists, dancing awful in the street…But it was worth it!
I think that´s the way to learn about a country and it´s people. It isn’t just looking and making some nice pictures but joining the others. Doing, what nationals do and eating what they eat…(sometimes awkward but mostly perfect)

But I think there is another reason why tose people dance…Our guide said, that most of the people never made it to professional dancers and now do what they like on the streets. A bit sad- isn´t it? But different to Beijing it´s allowed. In the capital no one would dare dancing in this way on the streets. No one would even think about it. And that is the real problem in China: the blockades in those heads, made up by the governmental control…
I hope that those guys can stay dancing in the streets because such an opportunity to show the passion and love for something isn’t given twice!


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