Midday marching – Monochrome Madness 2.4

Yes, since the 15 Days I posted something for Photo101 there were not many other things on here. There was no time to do MM but now I am on vacation, preparing for… Continue reading


What is a treasure to me? I don’t know- maybe knowledge. This is my 6. year of ‘Jugend Forscht’ and at the Moment I am spending my time at the statern championship- we… Continue reading


Hey there, a landscape relic from italy

Liebster Award II

Well, again I got nominated for a liebster award (this is really cute :) ) – So, I’ll translate the questions from German into English to make things more understandable… Lets star over.… Continue reading


The flags movement was wonderful and worth capturing it…

Detailed architecture

sometimes I feel like some kinds of architecture turn out better in monochrome. I had this picture in the archives for a few months now- because I wasn’t able to go out today… Continue reading


Color is not what makes my town stand out at the moment. We have grayish skies, grayish weather and my mood seems to get kinda gray, too… Well, I hit the archives and… Continue reading


Well, I don’t know whether this hits mystery but i hope so- this one is from the archives, I took it about three weeks ago when we had this giant snowstorm and everything… Continue reading


It is not that warm in Germany right now and trying to produce some warm lighting anywhere is impossible, when arriving home after sundown… So I searched my ways through all the images… Continue reading


And again… I am struggling… I thought about what is big or huge around myself or what could be made huge easily… I suddenly saw the bowl. The big bowl all nail polishes… Continue reading

Connecting me…

The theme of photo 101 was ‘Connections’- I thought of picturing something like cars but- wait, we don’t have that many nice cars passing by, then of traffic but well, traffic is not… Continue reading


Being alone seems to be a privilege these days- I sometimes have to fight for being alone- for not taking anyone with me when going for a hack in the woods, for staying… Continue reading

being happy

the daily theme was “bliss” and I couldn’t do anything else. This was my first dog- he is about 10 by now and every time i arrive home he totally freaks out with… Continue reading


Well- I live in the deepest countryside. Imagine the most rural area you could find anywhere, add a bit of ruralness and here we go. Streets, as they were asked in the daily… Continue reading

Monochrome Madness Week 52 – The edge of time+ a look back

So This was my year of monochrome Madness. I joined in in week 11- this thing was going on for quite a while and submitted a total of 35 images until week 52-… Continue reading