I really enjoy Berlin. I visit it very often in general and always find something to picture. At the end of the day I meet my friends or parents (that depends on whom… Continue reading

Upwards – Monochrome Madness

Impressive architecture which deserves being monochrome.

The Bonsais 2.0

I promised to get into a routine of posting even thought I’ll have to prepare for the exams. here it is. You remember the last post about this tiny little trees, don’t you?… Continue reading

MM- Bonsai Love

Oh my god- I missed time. I had no school yesterday for celebrating carnival and totally lost count… I really thought it was monday today so- I am not officially participating this week… Continue reading

Icy curls

The last Icepicture for now- it was amazing enough to show three of them but I think this is done. I really liked the curls in that ice, they seemed to be moving… Continue reading

Icy blast

I hope all these wintery snow things don’t bore you already: There is more to come :) Here again a picture of wonderful ice…


I really like the way snowflakes get onto window panes and thought my phone hasn’t the best resolution this whole thing was amazing enough to make me picture it…

chilling wind and sparkling snow

It is snowing. Yes, in fact, even in Germany we have something like winter- in the last three days our little town had 30cm of snow and a wind wich seemed to chop… Continue reading

glowy- MM 47

You still remember the guy from that burlesque style make up post, don’t you? Well, he got into the second round of choosing the new employees and was asked to do another post-… Continue reading


I love wandering around in the countryside- it is just that impressing during winter…


Hey guys- I completely forgot to upload my image this week- I was just that stressed, it is heavy… I am so sorry, but here it is finally, the view from a mountaintop… Continue reading

rainy days

It is raining a lot in Germany. No snow, but rain, the whole time. It is really annoying because the lighting isn’t sufficient or photography most of the time. This one only works… Continue reading

Upside down

I totally forgot to take a picture in monochrome for Monochrome Madness this week. This one came to me a few hours ago, to steps in front of my front door there was… Continue reading

riverside dreamings – Update Charlie Hebdo

Going there with a friend, walking past, thinking about taking a picture- the sun was standing low, the wind bit into my face- it was so damn cold- there was no snow, nothing… Continue reading

Je suis Charlie – I am Charlie

I know most blogs are flooded with Charlie Hebdo. I know that I am quite late with wishes and condolence but I think I have to do this. I was shocked. The message… Continue reading