I love the way this guy mirrors the marble statue…


All the written exams are finished by now- You’ll hear  bit more of me next weeks, everything is getting a lot easier from now on so… Well, this flowers came into my sight… Continue reading

Day 5 – We are done+ MM 2.7

A spooky old townhouse- I had to tie my shoes because one lace kept opening after a few steps… I looked upwards and saw this- a lot less spooky in reality but awesome… Continue reading

Day 4 – Nearly done

This is day four of 5 photos – 5 stories, so we are nearly done… Again the botany garden, I sat next to this huge puffy cactus and couldn’t stand the urge touching… Continue reading

Day 3 – On the Edge

Standing on the edge, the deep blue water beyond and below, just this one step, the old, wet Water, chilling, biting your feet and bones…

Day 2: Sad man…

He just sat there, somehow sad, sorrowful, was completely on his own…

Five Photos – Five stories

Well, I recently found bCL Photography – I think via Leanne Cole’s monochrome madness and the awesome shots there made me follow this page. Now yesterday I was nominated by him to do… Continue reading

The hair and some flowers…

This is what happens, when Carlottas little sister and I gamble around. We decided to make up a wreath of flowers for her- so she could wear something nice on her head… It… Continue reading

Buddha Republic – Monochrome Madness 2.6

I am really into graduation preparations and stuff right now but this weekend I just had to leave, i had to meet Carlotta in Marburg, because… oh my god I couldn’t stand being… Continue reading

Awkward colors

I went to a botanical garden this weekend and well. Carlotta took me to this plant, it spreads all over the wall, and next to some kind of pipe there was this. It… Continue reading

Architectural monuments

I really love Berlin. The architecture is quite awesome… I did a similar point of view here, really at the start of all this and really like it- the only issue was my… Continue reading

Midday marching – Monochrome Madness 2.4

Yes, since the 15 Days I posted something for Photo101 there were not many other things on here. There was no time to do MM but now I am on vacation, preparing for… Continue reading


What is a treasure to me? I don’t know- maybe knowledge. This is my 6. year of ‘Jugend Forscht’ and at the Moment I am spending my time at the statern championship- we… Continue reading


Hey there, a landscape relic from italy

Liebster Award II

Well, again I got nominated for a liebster award (this is really cute :) ) – So, I’ll translate the questions from German into English to make things more understandable… Lets star over.… Continue reading